I’m teaching Clothing as a Prop


Sunday, January 14 · 1 – 6pm PST

Crown Theatre140 South Rosemead Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107

The Schedule

1pm – 2:15pm – Body Talk – Emoting and Storytelling Through Movement with Miss Lady Legs

2:30pm – 3:40pm – Clothing as a Prop: You Took it Off, So What? with Lili VonSchtupp

4 pm – 5pm or 6pm – Peer Review Showcase

Body Talk with Miss Lady Legs

Learn to emote and tell stories through movement

1 pm – 2:15pm

Learn how to translate concepts and stories through movement using dynamic movement quality, embodying characters, and diving into your own choreography to unleash the story.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Connecting your inner world to your movement quality
  • Translating words and emotions into movement
  • Strategies add more interest and intent to your choreography
  • Generating movement that resonates with your characters and audience
  • Analyzing choreography and interpreting movement
  • Debrief chat to process out loud with your classmates

“[Intention is Sexy!] was a fun class that gave me new kinetic vocabulary for movement. Miss Lady Legs knows how to run a class!”

– Felina Bella, Burlesque Performer

About Miss Lady Legs

Miss Lady Legs is the producer of Burlesque & Chill and teaches ballet, pointe, modern, and contemporary dance. For this class, she will draw upon her academic knowledge from her dance BFA program and over 15 years of professional dance and choreography experience to explore new ways of moving and thinking about choreography with the burlesque community.

Clothing as a Prop: You Took It Off, So What? with Lili VonSchtupp

Master the after-tease and up-skill your use of clothing as a prop in your burlesque acts.

2 :30pm – 3:40pm

Why are you wearing that costume, using those props? How does it relate to your story and/or your character? Lili VonSchtupp shares her vast knowledge and helps you discover different ways of using your clothing to tease and reveal while staying true to your character, storyline, or emotional intention. Learn to surprise your audience with unique and fun removals and reveals.

In this class, you’ll:

  • Work with a bra, gloves, and boa (or long scarf)
  • Learn how to do more with your reveals
  • Get more polished by mastering using your clothing like a prop
  • Leave with practical knowledge you can immediately apply in your acts

About Lili VonSchtupp

“I don’t teach burlesque. I teach how to create art within the burlesque genre.” – Lili VonSchtupp

Lili VonSchtupp made her debut at the legendary Derby in Hollywood CA. In 2006, she competed in Miss Viva Las Vegas, performed at the New York Burlesque Festival and went on to headline at Burlesque Fests in Hawaii, Arizona, Vermont, Las Vegas and Co-hosted Viva Las Vegas with both John Waters and Elvira.

As producer of Monday Night Tease!, Friday Night Happy Hour, Dinner and a Showgirl, and Burlesque After Dark, Lili has booked over 1200 separate performances and worked with both local, national and international talent. She founded the Hollywood Burlesque Festival in 2013, and produced it until it was sold in 2021. She’s colloquially known as “your mentor’s mentor” and her alumni and mentees include names such as:

  • Miss Spent Youth
  • Egypt Black Knyle
  • Miss May
  • Lady Sapphire Noir
  • Burlesque & Chill’s own Gwen Ruby, Mae Lust, and Miss Lady Legs
  • And many, many more

Peer Review Showcase

If you’ve got an act that you are ready to take to the next level, we’ve created a safe space to receive critiques and feedback from peers, local show producers, and festival judges.

4pm – 5 or 6pm (depending on number of registrants)

Get structured, verbal feedback from instructors and peers, written feedback from peers, and a video of your act and verbal feedback.

Getting structured, actionable feedback from not only fellow dancers, but the people who do the booking allows you to zero in on what is holding you back, or what you need to take it up a notch.

This workshop is intended for performers with at least 1 year of performance experience and want to…

  • Put the finishing touches on a new act prior to debuting it
  • Polish an existing act for festivals and show submissions
  • Revisit an act to gain new perspectives on its strengths and weaknesses and spark ideas for revising it

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