I WANT TO BE A PRODUCER! w/ Lili VonSchtupp

I WANT TO BE A PRODUCER!  w/ Lili VonSchtupp
Producing: What you don’t know can hurt you
180 minutes

Monday, February 10th. 6-9pm, Online Worldwide

Pricing, budgets, venues deals, laws, and taxes, plus personnel costs
and problems are all demystified in this 180 minute class. We all want
to make money right? Find out the areas you may be weak at, and get
real world information to strengthen them. Lili VonSchtupp has 10
years of radio production and sales behind her, and has produced over
600 live events in bars and theaters, and convention centers. As an
emcee and performer she’s worked all over the US in venues from 40
seats to 9k. With a gallery showing and the Hollywood Burlesque
Festival under her belt as well a burlesque Deck project funded on
kickstarter, 10 years of Monday Night Tease, and her unique
perspective on turning a profit might change the way you think about
what it really takes to produce a successful event. Takeaway notes
included. Budgets, venue planners, sample tech sheets…

When you pay for class instructions to log in will be sent. Include
your preferred email address, full name on Facebook to add you to the
event, and telephone number. In LA and want to attend in person? You
can. Class will be streamed in Northridge and you can cme in person if
you choose.

180 minutes (90 lecture and 90 Q&A. One hour personal support with
email or phone follow up as well.

Payment can be made via paypal. Please include or email me with your facebook name, and telephone number as well.

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